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Siwar Q'ente (1937 - 2014)
The Andean opera singer Ana Sulca Condon, better known as Siwar Q'ente, died on May 2nd, 2014 at the age of 76, leaving an important legacy of over five decades of career in the genre of coloratura soprano.

Ana was born in Huaycahuacho Sulca Condon, Lucanas province, Ayacucho region in 1937 and since childhood dreamed of being a great artist. Her unique timbre, with the ability to interpret and ornate fast passages, made ​​the Cusco musician Luis Rodriguez Durand baptize her with the Q'ente Siwar pseudonym, which means hummingbird colors.

Along with this great quenista teacher, she joined the group "Sol del Peru", with which she recorded musical productions as "Machu Picchu y sus cantares" and "Canto de sol". In their presentations, Anne Condon Sulca used elaborate colorful native costumes linked to the Inca culture and ancient Andean tradition.

Among her best known performances are the lyrics of popular music "Vergenes del Sol", "Serrana ingrata" and "La pampa y la Puna" of Trujillo composer Carlos Valderrama, which was compared with fellow coloratura soprano Yma Sumac.

During her 50 year career she appeared in various national and international venues and world arenas in Bolívar, Nacional Dos de Mayo and the Bridge of the Army. Also, in the Municipal Theater, Segura, the Colegio Santa Ursula, the Plaza de Acho, Parque de las Leyendas, and in various departmental and regional clubs.

She performed in Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, United States and Japan, for which she received the Artistic Palmas in the degree of "Master" by the Ministry of Education (1988), the trophy "City of Lima" (2002), and "José María Arguedas" trophy by the Superior National School of Folklore (2011).

The Ministry of Culture as the distinguished Meritorious Personality of Culture in August 2013, with the occasion of the World Day of Folklore, in recognition of her significant experience in the interpretation and dissemination of Andean Peru lyric. Her artistic work will remain a milestone in Andean lyric for this and future generations. Back to Top