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Yosef Synovec - Vocalist
Yosef Synovec publicity photo
Following is the press release which was used to present Yosef Synovec to the nation. More details about him can be found excerped from the upcoming book, Yma Sumac, The Art Behind the Legend by Nicholas E. Limansky.
Press Release


NEW YORK - APRIL 12, [1972] - THE AMERICAN COPYRIGHT SOCIETY, INC., announces the presentation in New York of the most extraordinary singer of the new generation, YOSEF SYNOVEC.

YOSEF SYNOVEC has been booked for two concerts which will take place at the SEESAW CLUB, Lexington Avenue at 81st Street, on Sunday, April 18th at l0:30 P.M. and 12:30 P.M.

YOSEF SYNOVEC is a young singer of the Post World War II generation and comes fron a truly international background. He speaks five languages and sings in eight. He had his first contact with music at the age of four. He began then to study violin and was considered as a child prodigy at the age of 5-1/2.

Later on, his talents mixed with his academic and athletics interests. At the same time he received a considerable medical education and pursued extensive musical studies at the Prague Conservatory of Music, where he was even granted a Doctor of Music Degree. Besides his studies, he also got involved in athletics, not without notable results.

Strangely enough his musical studies met with the highest marks in all fields of music with the sole exception of singing. His professors at the Conservatory of Music could not fit his voice in any vocal category: for a baritone his top notes were too much like a tenor; for a tenor, they were too much like mezzo-soprano. Actually, this voice does not have any register breaks but the smoothest continuity from the lowest notes to the highest ones.

The range of his voice exceeds five octaves, without the slightest falsetto, but goes without any effort throughout the entire range. This is the most extraordinary and unique vocal range existing throughout the world, without excepting the famous range of the lovely Inca singer, Yma Sumac.

In the meantime, his career as a violinist brought him to the U.S.A. where he pursued his musical studies and became a citizen. His vocalizing, however, drew the attention of many musicians and the strong persuasion of an old friend, Holly Woodlawn, convinced him that this extraordinary voice should be revealed to the public.

On the occasion of two concerts featuring the talented Yma Sumac at Town Hall last year, he came in contact with her manager, American Copyright Society, Inc., who immediately recognized a talent superior to that of any other artist and agreed to present his extraordinary voice to the public without any other comments, because there are no words high enough to describe his voice and no better demonstration than hearing him in person.


Webmaster's note: Yosef Synovec was killed in a fire sometime in the '70s. It is not known if any recordings of his wonderful voice exist besides the demo that accompanied this press release. We will try to post an audio clip and perhaps an entire song so you can hear his remarkable voice for yourself! You will be as amazed as we were when you hear it. Back to Top