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Robert Covais (1936-1998)
Miracles / Yma Rocks! Producer
Robert Covais with Yma Sumac during
her birthday party in September 1971.
In July 1997, we were very saddened to announce the death of our good friend James O'Maoilearca (aka Branciforti), who was one of the producers of Yma Sumac's 1971/1972 recording, Miracles. James passed away after a long battle with cancer and was survived by his partner of 38 years, Robert Covais.

Robert, who was very dispondent after James' death, took his life Saturday, the 28th of February, 1998. We have known them since Miracles was first issued in the U.S. in 1972 and they were both wonderful, caring, thoughtful and generous people who contributed greatly, not only to this site, but also to us directly by their love and support through the years.

January 1998, Robert visited California for nine days at the home of Pat Henry and Ray Bennett in the beautiful California Pacific Coast town of Carmel, where we also had the pleasure of spending two weekends in sharing Yma Sumac information and enjoying Robert's fine tastes in Champagne and great company. Even though we knew Robert since 1972, this was our first meeting in person. Robert's visit was not only a vacation but was also where most of the planning for the CD release of Yma Rocks! took place. It was diring this visit that the master Miracles reel-to-reel tapes for given over to the Yma Sumac Archives.

Memorial services were held for Robert in Virginia on Saturday March 21, 1998 and those of us here on the West Coast who were associated with Yma Rocks! celebrated his life in a private event in Carmel, California the same day. We miss both Robert and James more than words can tell.

From left: Aunt Vera, Robert Covais, Yma Sumac, Bob Kreppel,
James O'Maollearca (aka Jim Branciforti) - The Miracles Gang,\
(New York City - 1971)
Robert Covais (center) during his January 1998 visit to beautiful Carmel
with one of the hosts, Pat Henry (left) and Webmaster, Don Pierson (right),
planning the release of Yma Rocks!.
Robert trying out host Ray Bennett's Harley-Davidson
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