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27 Millones

Filming for this black and white comedy began in Argentina in 1942 and was directed by José Bohr. José Bohr was born Josef Bohr in Germany but lived most of his life in South America creating many films. Apparently, due to disagreements, five years elapsed between the beginning and end of production, which was completed in Chile and premiered May 8, 1947 and by that time Yma Sumac had relocated to the United States so was likely unaware that the film had finally been completed.

Little is known about Yma Sumac's role other than that she is credited as Imma Sumac. Her scenes were probably filmed in Argentina during the film's early production.

A review is available. The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Chilargen - Monophonic - 1947 Argentina   Motion Picture

Historical notes
Liner Notes
There are no liner notes on this film since it has not been released commercially.
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