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Original release: DF-284 - 78 rpm Album
Recorded: May 27, 1951
Studio: Broadhurst Theatre

Review and Analysis of Flahooley by Nicholas E. Limansky
From Yma Sumac - The Art Behind the Legend
used with permission - all rights reserved, © Nicholas E. Limansky
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Recorded while Flahooley was still in performance, this album of excerpts reflects the exhuberance of the performers and today remains a collector's item in its original LP format.  Ironically, the show, which only ran from May 14 to June 16, was closed by the time the recording was released.  Flahooley was simultaneously issued  as 78s, 45s and LPs.  {Webmaster note: only the 6-disk 78 set and 45 boxed set were issued in 1951; the 12" LP arrived in 1955].  The LP went out of print during the 1960s but was re-printed by Capitol in 1977.  Unfortunately, by 1979, it went out-of-print again.  In May of 1993, EMI Angel released the album on CD.

Each of the three pieces accentuates different aspects of Yma's unique vocalism.  According to Hernán Braña, the Flahooley songs are unusual in that each song was done in one take.  Studied as demonstrations of Yma's musical thought processes, each demonstrates a high level of originality and shows the remarkable battery of vocal effects she could call upon in an instant.

Additional notes: recorded in New York City, May 27, 1951 and released, June 18, 1951.  The original 78 set was the only 6-disk Yma Sumac album with a 7" EP Boxed Set following shortly afterwards, being the only Boxed EP by her as well.  The 12" LP appeared in 1955 and all of these early pressings are collectors' items today, as are the later vinyl and CD reissues, especially since none are currently in print.  Due to the length of the recording, there was never a 10" LP issued.

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