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Mambo Confusion Radio Version
Mambo Confusion Radio Version Stereo
Longer version of the remix of Chicken Talk from Mambo!.  (Moisés Vivanco, Yma Sumac - 4:03)
Recorded in 1991  

Review and Analysis of Mambo Confusion Radio Version by
Please see Chicken Talk for a review of the original version of this song.
Mambo Confusion Radio Version  is included on the following releases
catalog no: DSB 30250
12" LP single from Germany. One of only two known 12" LP singles by Yma Sumac, the other being Electro Lounge which was made only for promotional purposes. This recording features new vocals and samplings from the Mambo! album (Chicken Talk), blended with new instrumentation to create a wh . . . 1991 Germany
catalog no: DS-8 3025-5
Dance remix - CD single with both new vocals and sampling from the 1954 Mambo! recording, along with a modern sound 1991 Germany
Cassette features tracks from the Extremes of Yma Sumac's career with material from the early 1943 Argentina sessions and the 1991 German Mambo Confusion material. It was never sold and was made for archival purposes only. Only a few copies exist. 1998 United States
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