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New Feature Added!
A brand new feature has been added to SunVirgin.com for Fan Club members. In the Shows & Tours Section (now known as Event & Show History), quite a few entries now have the ability to view and save clippings, show programs, photos, recordings, etc. when the material is available in the SunVirgin.com archives. This area is still under development so only a few dozen items have been added so far but watch for more.

To see this new feature, log in using your Fan Club user name and password, then select Event & Show History from the left menu. You will have a choice to view all or to look up by specific year. Below some of the events will be a list of what's available for it and, by clicking on the item name, you'll be prompted to either view it or download it.

At the same time we have also been adding additional events and shows. There are hundreds, if not thousands, to add but we prefer adding them only when we are sure of the dates and in many cases the details are not readily available. The research takes much time but we'll add them as they are available.

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